What can i really say about this topic you guys even know about it even more than me, but have you take a look to see how it helps in our life today.ok why not start with my self for an instant i have been in countless dating and relationship but wheredid it lead me well i won’t say some was not good but relationship has a long role to play in a person’s life before you start dating, there has to be Trust, Respect of one’s space,honesty and so on. Relationships fail because of this major stuffs, even choosing of your partner in life is very vital indeed, so to cut the long story short, relationship hasn”t really help in my life now for am still single but in people in the world i hope you guys calm down in choosing one’s partner and you get there remember the vital roles in a relationship which eventually lead to you guys ending up together.

Coronavirus: what most of this rich people during this lockdown

It is no news that the world we live in people are dying day by day in their thousands due to this deadly disease that spreading like wild fire,but come to think of it what do you think of what our so called rulers are busy doing currently, welll who am I to speak on words only the people in power know,do know that it is said not all people world be rich,so as balance could prevail but why can’t the rich help in one way or other,i will tell you what most of them do during this lockdown.They either take selfie with loved ones,buying expensive things, trying to show up their extravagant lifestyle, why others whirl away in hunger and starvation due to financial in please those that have been blessed instead of wasting your time doing meaningless activities why try and help those in need or even close to you.#HELPING OTHERS IS A GOOD DEED.

Safe sex

We all know that today’s world is no different from those ancient times, we still practice up till this day sex before marriage even the A.B.C(Abstinence from sex, Being truthful to the relationship and lastly using condom before the act).widely practiced in Europe and Africa today safe sex has been ignored,that’s is we hear of sexually transmitted diseases(STD)like syphilis, staphlococus etc.please it has happen to many of us, so it is either we wait after marriage or simply try and practice the ABC method.remember#stay safe

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